Monday, 6 July 2015


Last 2 months, I went to Pahang with my friend’s family (like always…hahah). Well actually “that
friendof mine is my boyfriend, Shafiy. We went there for 1 day only it is because we want to see elephant there. we set off from home around 7 something and then we stop at petrol station to fill the fuel. At the same time, we ate breakfast there at the McDonald. I ate cheese burger with hot tea and the rest also ate cheese burger but with milo ice. Im so regret ordered hot tea haha it is soooooo hot and hard to drink it. When they said they want to start the journey again I thought I want to bring it along but then Shafiy asked me to quickly finish the tea. Do you know how it feels when you had to drink the hot water quickly? Haha.. I bet you know.

Along the way, Shafiy’s niece non-stop talking even though gave her milk to make her sleep but still.. At one time we gave her android and then suddenly she kept quiet that time we all feel so relieved but when we ask her to stop play the android she will cry as hard she can. She’s a good person but sometimes she’s naughty because if she don’t get what her want she will be aggressive. But for me she’s a lovely person and I like to joke around with her.

Shafiy's niece, Aisyah. she's so adorable cute little girl right!

When we arrived at the elephant farm the first thing we do is buy the ticket to go in. Then, theres a video about the history of elephants and we watched it till the end. After done watched it we straight go to the elephant farm. I was so excited to see the elephant till I cant sleep the night before haha. When I entered the farm I was so speechless because I thought the elephants walking around us and we can ride elephant but then it turns different than I thought. All the elephants was in the cage but we still can feed them with their food.

from the left kak Shika, kak Na and me 

In the meantime, we don’t know what else to do and then something pop-up into Shafiy’s mother’s mind. She planned to go to Deer Land because the Deer Land is near to elephant farm. When we are on the way there, the road is narrow and hollow. After a few minutes, we arrived there and straight go buy the tickets. I thought that place is for Deer only but when we entered, the first thing that we saw is peacock!! But the funny is the peacock didn’t have a fur. oh ya! i forgot to tell you that, that day was the first time ever i touched and hold the snake!! and also the first time i hold hedgehog. Plus, there's one type of animal which is i dont know what it is, they will pose when i want to take a picture of them. so cute yet so smart :)

peacock with no fur
me with hedgehog
here's the animal that i dont know what they called it 

We kept walking till we saw the Deer and like always I felt so excited and I take out my phone immediately for take picture of it.  After satisfied watch all the Deer we start walked again we felt like we’re in the zoo because there’s a lot of animals even animals that I haven’t seen also. Its great experience though I could see the animals and know even more about it.

After that, we went back at 3pm and one more time Shafiy’s mom said “let’s go to Genting Highland as we are here, why not we travel around here”. At first we all okay with her decision but when we are on the way there something spoiled us the road was jammed and then we all decide to go back. Before we went back home we stopped at Sungai Selangor to eat seafood for our dinner well after done eating, we realized that it's midnight already so Shafiy's mom go paid the bills and we went back home safely

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