Monday, 6 July 2015


Last 2 months, I went to Pahang with my friend’s family (like always…hahah). Well actually “that
friendof mine is my boyfriend, Shafiy. We went there for 1 day only it is because we want to see elephant there. we set off from home around 7 something and then we stop at petrol station to fill the fuel. At the same time, we ate breakfast there at the McDonald. I ate cheese burger with hot tea and the rest also ate cheese burger but with milo ice. Im so regret ordered hot tea haha it is soooooo hot and hard to drink it. When they said they want to start the journey again I thought I want to bring it along but then Shafiy asked me to quickly finish the tea. Do you know how it feels when you had to drink the hot water quickly? Haha.. I bet you know.

Along the way, Shafiy’s niece non-stop talking even though gave her milk to make her sleep but still.. At one time we gave her android and then suddenly she kept quiet that time we all feel so relieved but when we ask her to stop play the android she will cry as hard she can. She’s a good person but sometimes she’s naughty because if she don’t get what her want she will be aggressive. But for me she’s a lovely person and I like to joke around with her.

Shafiy's niece, Aisyah. she's so adorable cute little girl right!

When we arrived at the elephant farm the first thing we do is buy the ticket to go in. Then, theres a video about the history of elephants and we watched it till the end. After done watched it we straight go to the elephant farm. I was so excited to see the elephant till I cant sleep the night before haha. When I entered the farm I was so speechless because I thought the elephants walking around us and we can ride elephant but then it turns different than I thought. All the elephants was in the cage but we still can feed them with their food.

from the left kak Shika, kak Na and me 

In the meantime, we don’t know what else to do and then something pop-up into Shafiy’s mother’s mind. She planned to go to Deer Land because the Deer Land is near to elephant farm. When we are on the way there, the road is narrow and hollow. After a few minutes, we arrived there and straight go buy the tickets. I thought that place is for Deer only but when we entered, the first thing that we saw is peacock!! But the funny is the peacock didn’t have a fur. oh ya! i forgot to tell you that, that day was the first time ever i touched and hold the snake!! and also the first time i hold hedgehog. Plus, there's one type of animal which is i dont know what it is, they will pose when i want to take a picture of them. so cute yet so smart :)

peacock with no fur
me with hedgehog
here's the animal that i dont know what they called it 

We kept walking till we saw the Deer and like always I felt so excited and I take out my phone immediately for take picture of it.  After satisfied watch all the Deer we start walked again we felt like we’re in the zoo because there’s a lot of animals even animals that I haven’t seen also. Its great experience though I could see the animals and know even more about it.

After that, we went back at 3pm and one more time Shafiy’s mom said “let’s go to Genting Highland as we are here, why not we travel around here”. At first we all okay with her decision but when we are on the way there something spoiled us the road was jammed and then we all decide to go back. Before we went back home we stopped at Sungai Selangor to eat seafood for our dinner well after done eating, we realized that it's midnight already so Shafiy's mom go paid the bills and we went back home safely

Saturday, 4 July 2015


here's my big family 
On 8, 9 and 10th of June, my family from my dad’s side had organized a family day to make a bonding time for us. My family is a big family I don’t know how to say it but it is really big till I can’t describe it haha… looks like it’s really big huh :D why I said big family it is because for now I mean for my age I have over 43 nephew and niece. For me, nephew and niece is my cousin’s child it is because some people think nephew or niece is our sibling’s child but some people think exactly what I’m thinking.

Okay back to the story, our family day held at Bagan Lalang near to Gold Coast, Sepang. First thing on my mind is once I get there I want to go to the beach but sadly the water is dirty so we can’t play it. We can only take pictures and play the sand but that’s okay because my sadness has been replaced by fun of gather around with my family. Honestly I say, I love being around with my loved ones especially when I’m with my family. It feels like they are my truly happiness.

What I like about this event is because the arrangement was so perfect! There’s no rushing or “kelam-kabut”. Our family day has been arranged by some of my cousins, they divide their works equally. From what I see is they work together as a team to make this event go smoothly. This is what we called COOPERATION! They also divide all of our families into 4 groups which is red, white, blue and yellow. Therefore, they had choose the team leader for each group and also they provide cap and shirt for everyone. So for the whole day we have to wear it to give some support or spirit to our team.

Before we do anything the first activity is aerobic and followed  by walkaton and then the games start.
The game was so much fun! It’s challenging and tiring though but that time we don’t think about tired because we enjoyed the activities even under the hot weather. I played almost all games because in my team mostly is senior citizen haha… after the game is over we straight to the beach to take some pictures because that time the lighting is so beautiful and we watched the sunset together. 

luckily i get to take a video of sunset 

After that, we go to our room to get ourselves clean and then we gather around again for the next game. But this game is special for the guy and it have to play 2 pairs which is boy and girl. The girls have to wear hijab to the guy with our own style. So I insert my name with my brother because I want to see how my brother look with the hijab. After done wear it, all the guy who joined this game had to walk like "catwalk" and present their style in front of the judges from there judges will see who the winner is. This game was one of the best game and theres so much laughter

Then, it’s time to give a present for those who won the game. After total up our marks my team at the second place. Even though we don’t get the first place but still we had fun. So for me, memories is something that we have to keep. At least in the future we have something fun to tell our children so that our traditions will never be forgotten.


so here some of the guy who had to wear hijab. The right side is my brother

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Last weekend, I went hiking at Gunung Nuang with my special friend’s family. Actually it is my second adventure hiking. I remember when my first time hiking at Cameron Highland. It felt so tired plus I do not have any experience so I do not know how to breathe properly to maintain my stamina. Luckily there was a facilitator taught how to breathe properly. So, this time I practised myself to maintain my stamina even though I could not stand any longer but I kept trying till I reach the top of the hill.

The Gunung Nuang adventure, my friend’s brother brought his friend, Isa who is a Nigerian. I do not know where he got his energy as he was energetic because from the start we hike he kept talking till the end of the trip. In my mind I kept asking myself “why he did not feel tired at all?”

In the middle of the way to the top of the hill, my friend’s mom fell down due to the slippery road. So she ask us to be more careful because if we don’t we can fall down to the beginning of the hill. It is because there is no barrier at the edge of the hill. After that incident we all be more careful and watch our step.

While we’re walking, I saw an insect but I don’t know what it call because it looks like millipede caterpillar (ulat gonggok) but it also looks like centipede. It is so big! I never saw an insect big like that. Yes it was my first time saw it thats why I be like so “jakun”.

here is the insect that im talking about 

After that, we kept climb and when we reach the top of the hill there is a WATERFALL!!who doesnt like waterfall right? That time I was so excited and forgot about my tiredness. The water is very cold! But we still soak our body there. Plus, the water is between the trees beside it and such a nice view.

In about 15 mins my friend’s mom ask us to get ready to going down but before we going down I took a pic with my friend using a polaroid to keep for memories. It is a nice picture though with the perfect lighting and so on but then when we’re at the middle of the hill to going down I realized that the picture that I took is gone. How I realized it? It is because I hold it all the way from the top. The saddest part is I couldn’t find it hm how sad...

But still it is one of my memorable experience even though I lost my picture but that’s okay because for me it is a lesson to learn. So after this I will be more careful.

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Yesterday, my family invited all our family members to our house for iftar. Since morning my mom and dad went to morning market to buy chicken, vegetables, Durian and all for iftar preparation. Later then they went to AEON to buy some groceries.

Since 2pm  my mom, aunty, my sisters and I started the preparation to cook the food such as Nasi Briyani, Roti Jala, Bubur Kacang Durian, Serawa Durian and many more. My aunty and I made “onde-onde” but some people called it as “buah Melaka”.  This is my first time made “onde-onde” well actually it is simple and fun to make. I would like to share the recipe to you guys so that you can try to make this at home by yourself.


•           60g glutinous flour
•           60ml pandan leaf
•           50g desiccated coconut
•           1/2 tea spoon of salt
•           1 tablespoon of water
•            gula Melaka 

1. First, you have to blend the pandan leaves with half cup of water to make an essence. 

2. mix it with 4 cup of flour. By using our hand mix the 2 ingredients to make dough.


   3. Divide the dough into small balls and take each ball and put the chunks of gula Melaka in it. But try to not make a thin layer because it will expand when boiling. After already put the gula Melaka then role it to a small ball. 

4. Right after that, put the dough into boiling water till it floats leave it for 5- 10 minutes.

5. Lastly, coat the "onde-onde" with the desiccated coconut with a little bit of salt.

so here it is "onde-onde" by me :D

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hi! Since I started semester break, there’s a lot of place that I’ve been went to. A month ago, I went to a trip to Perak with my friend's family. On our way to Perak, there’s a long road with no lights and we have to switch on the bright light to go through (it’s very dangerous for those who driving tho). But to be safe his mother drove the car slowly to avoid accident.

Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived there at the apartment that we want to stay for about 2 nights. First thing that we do is...we look around the swimming pool inside of the apartment but sadly we cant see clearly because it was too dark, the only we saw is mountain besides our apartment (that time we feel like we're in the middle of jungle!).

After that, we straight  to the house at 16th floor to get ourself clean and get enough rest for the next day. Before we go to sleep, his brother planned to walk around the apartment the next day. its like morning exercise hihi :D The next day, we woke up early to walk around the apartment according to his brother's plan to see the beautiful view. It’s very lushfull greenery and amazing view. SERIOUS TALK! I wish I could pack my bags and stay here forever! It’s really breathtaking :D lovely view, the lake, the mountains are perfect! i bet if you guys go there also you will feel the same like me (HEAVEN)

so this is the view from our balcony at 16th floor

Without wasting our time by watching the scenery more, more and more, we straight go to Lost World Of Tambun (which is the main point we are here :p) hihi. We played the waterpark there from 12pm till 6pm although its tiring but it was fun! But the rides is quite disappointed because it only has 2 but that’s okay without ride also we had fun what hihi because they has zoo, hot water and waterpark so its not that boring. Btw in the zoo area, it has plenty of animals such as tapir, tiger and bird and even animals that i've never seen also. Besides that, hot water and waterpark also quite fun because anyone can play there as long as they want (no age limit).

Meanwhile the view in Lost World of Tambun is beautiful! Theres mountains everywhere!! can you imagine that?! I wish I could go there again perhaps for honeymoon? Who knows…

here's a picture of my friend's sister and his niece with a beautiful view